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Exceptional, eye-opening, heart-breaking. And then Trip comes in front of the camera and I realize that our world is going to have more BMWC! Go, Dr. Dale!

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As a french Canadian.. who is still realizing and accepting that even if we are different in Canada, we actually have a lot in commun with the US.. Thank you.

I am still lucky to have been raised by a lovely family that love black people even thought, they are white.
I am also becoming more aware of how much our system here is subjective, influenced by subconscient and the media... even myself and my loved ones.

I want it to change.
I don't want to continue to loose faith in the Doctors and the Nurses.

Again, thank you! Merci!

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This was an excellent documentary! Very inspiring and a much needed dose of hope for the future of our Black Male doctors!

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