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This is a very intersting perspective on the important social problem of underrepresentation of black men in the medical profession. The problem and urgency are stated very forcefully. I cringe a bit when hearing of the systemic race effects on outcomes such as medical school enrollment. The bigotry of low expectations is quite important also. Interestingly, the black men in the film all come from family backgrounds where a father exerted strong paternal influences. The young black doctors themselves are outstanding fathers to the next generation regardless of skin color, and I know that their children will thrive in society by that paternal influence.
Focusing on early childhood modeling is wonderful. A grander project would be to emphasize the importance of the family and of fathers in making the world a better place. Certainly one unstated yet critical systemic racial effect is the lack of fathers in young black families. The immigrant doctor was interesting because he demonstrated that his family is focused on the future and interested in traditional American values. Is there some way to engage young black men to view traditional fatherhood as a worthy goal? If so, I suspect that many systemic racial issues will fade away.
Thanks! Well done.

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This is an amazing documentary that I wish was present when I was in high school. It’s beyond true of you do have to “see it to believe it”. As well as providing mentorship every step of the way. Medical schools have a responsibility to help with issue of health equity by focusing efforts of preparing and equipping more Black males for medical. Providing them the necessary resources to help tip the scales and improve the health of all American citizens.

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This was a fantastic documentary. As a Black male physician the severity and complexity related to lack of Black men in medicine is not new information. Kudos to Dr. Okorodudu and his colleagues for this film and the greater of initiatives of embracing the dignity and humanity of young Black boys and showing them what's possible.

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